CAMPAIGNERS have called on regional planners to reconsider the possibility of a train station in Thornbury.

A request for a feasibility study was put forward by members of campaign group Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways (FOSBR) as the West of England joint committee assessed the latest draft of the Joint Transport Study (JTS), which looks at transport infrastructure across the region.

But critics have said that with the town facing the prospect of hundreds of new homes, little is being done to help Thornbury aside from a proposed extension of the Metrobus service.

The town has not had an active train station since 1966, when the line between Yate and the station on what is now Midland Way closed.

Much of the line still exists, finishing by the A38 between Tytherington and Thornbury, but most has been cleared in recent weeks ahead of the revival of Tytherington Quarry.

A resident’s survey, carried out in 2016 by Thornbury and Yate MP Luke Hall, showed rail aspirations for Thornbury were second only to better healthcare.

FOSBR member and Thornbury resident Chris Parker, who proposed a feasibility study at the joint committee meeting on Monday, said he felt that the Joint Transport Study “didn’t look deep enough into Thornbury and what is available”.

“At the moment there aren’t any decent options other than cars if you live outside of the north fringe,” he said. “Everything that has been planned so far is driving everyone towards the A38, which is only so wide.

“The railway line comes to Tytherington, so it is already on our doorstep, so if a feasibility study had been done, that would have left no stone unturned and we knew we were getting the best deal for Thornbury - especially with all the development and houses yet to be built.

“I wanted to make the point that even if a feasibility study isn’t included that it doesn’t preclude it or exclude it from being picked up later. Things change all the time and we would really scupper ourselves.

“It is about safeguarding for the town for the future. It might not be something that can happen for the next 10 or 20 years but it would be good to have the option to do it when the town is a significantly different place.”

Responding to Mr Parker’s request, the committee agreed that it would keep the proposals in consideration for the long term.

A committee spokeswoman said: “Whilst the JTS says there are no plans to introduce new rail services to Thornbury at this time, it does not rule out further work in future or a scheme in the longer-term.”

FOSBR secretary Tina Briggs, who also spoke at the meeting, said she was “relieved they are not ruling out Thornbury”, adding that that her research showed a Thornbury train would be viable, with a new station connecting to Yate, linking to the national network through Bristol Temple Meads.

“Rail, culturally, is something Brits are very comfortable with. People are more likely to take the train than the bus.

“For us it’s a no brainer, the advantages are just so many.”

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