BIODIVERSITY was the hot topic in Olveston on Friday as more than 100 residents turned out for the launch of a new environmental campaign.

The event for the “Making Space for Wildlife” project, launched by Olveston Parish Council six months ago, gave residents a chance to find out more about how the project hopes to improve and protect the natural resources in the area – including tree planting, looking after the verges and searching for a space to develop a community orchard.

Several environmental groups from the region – including the likes of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Wild Place Project, A Forgotten Landscape and South Gloucestershire Beekeepers - were also in attendance to support the message and give residents more information on what they could be doing to help encourage biodiversity in their own homes.

Speaking to the crowd before presenting certificates to children from the village for their work in a logo-designing conversation, special guest, BBC’s The One Show wildlife presenter Mike Dilger, praised the group for their drive to look after their local environment.

“Wildlife and conservation starts on your own doorstep,” he said. “Once you get to appreciate that, you can spread your wings further afield, so I fully support what they are doing today.

“I have been really impressed with the turnout and the enthusiasm I have seen from people of all ages, ranging from four-years-old to eighty or ninety, to celebrate what is a fantastic event.

“The fact that so many children are here today is fantastic, they are the next generation.”

Parish Councillor and the project committee’s chairman, Catherine Offer, said she hoped people in the village would be willing to help in pushing the campaign forward.

“It has gone surprisingly well today,” she said. “I hope everyone who has been here to listen to our message will remember how important little changes in their gardens can be to improve things for wildlife.”

To find out more about the Making Space for Wildlife project, or to get involved, email