A 37-YEAR-OLD man from Thornbury who assaulted three people, including a 75-year-old man, has been ordered to undergo treatment at a mental health hospital.

Jerome Murray, of Market Square in Thornbury, appeared before Bristol Magistrates Court for sentencing today, having previously pleaded guilty to the three charges on November 11.

The court heard that on September 22, 2017, Murray punched John Jones, a member of staff at Thornbury Leisure Centre, in the face twice, after he obstructed Murray from entering the swimming pool in his underwear.

After collecting his clothes and leaving the leisure centre, Murray then drove to Thornbury High Street, where he exited his car and approached the second victim, 75-year-old Ian Baker, who had been kneeling on the floor fixing a generator, where he shouted to him with threatening and foul language.

He then turned his attention to the third victim, Roberta Pakenyte, who had been waiting at a nearby bus stop, issuing a similar threat and threatening to assault her before spitting at her.

Getting back in his car, Murray then drove approximately 20 feet, exited the car and ran back towards Mr Baker, hitting him in the face with a “high karate kick”, before driving off.

Murray was remanded into custody on September 25, and later transferred from HMP Bristol to Llanarth Court, a specialist mental health hospital in Monmouthshire, following an assessment, due to the vulnerable nature of his mental state.

Statements from Mr Baker and Mr Jones were read out in court, with Mr Baker saying he was “shocked” by the sudden invasion of his personal space and that the attack resulted in bleeding that required treatment at Southmead Hospital, as well as two black eyes and a painful nose.

In Mr Jones’ statement, he said the incident had “really shaken” him, as he would not have expected that to have happened at his work, in front of children and parents, and that he would be very frightened to see Murray again as “he had no fuse”.

Martha Lewis, prosecuting, called for compensation and a restraining order to be put in place.

Michael Winter, defending, explained that Murray was suffering with a mental health problem that day, and was very unwell.

He added that two reports had been made on Murray’s psychological state, which supported his request for the court to authorise a hospital order under the mental health act.

A letter written by Murray was also presented by the defence to the court, apologising directly to the victims for the incidents.

Following the recommendation of the reports, District Judge Layton sentenced Murray to continue treatment for his mental health condition under a hospital order, as well as handing him a two-year restraining order on Thornbury Leisure Centre.

Murray was also ordered by the court to pay £600 in compensation, £200 to each of the people that had been assaulted.