PUPILS were left stranded in Olveston after their bus to Castle School was a no-show for the fourth time in less than two months.

Since February 1, the 622 Wessex Connect to Thornbury has been cancelled unexpectedly and without warning four times, making all the students relying on the service miss their first class.

And like many parents, mother-of-two Michelle Griffiths, of The Green, Olveston, had to drive her twins to school in a rush when the 8.24am bus they take every morning did not turn up once again on Monday, March 26.

Mrs Griffiths, whose 13-year-old sons Jack and Jonathan are in year eight, told the Gazette she was running out of patience.

She said: "It’s the fourth time it’s happened this year and it happened last year too. It's not just that it was late, it just didn't come.

"Thankfully I was off each time it happened and we had a quick dash in the car but what will happen when I’m at work and can’t take them to school?"

On February 8, she phoned Wessex Connect asking for an explanation. She later received a letter stating that there had not been "enough vehicles on the day".

She rang the company again last week to no avail.

Mrs Griffiths added: "They said they would call me back but they didn't. The next bus is at 9.15am and it takes a good 20 minutes to go to Thornbury. They are all school children on the bus and it has happened to my son's friends as well. It’s just rubbish."

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said: "The 622 is one of a number of rural bus services delivered by a commercial provider with support from the council.

"We are aware of a reported problem involving the 622 service from Olveston not arriving on time and have been in contact with the contractor, Wessex, to discuss this.

"Our contract with Wessex includes specific conditions for the timeliness of services and failure to meet these conditions may result in penalties being applied and in the most severe of cases contracts can be cancelled."

No one from Wessex Connect was available for comment.