PEOPLE who live along a road they have dubbed a ‘death trap’ are celebrating a decision to close it to traffic.

Residents of Frampton End Road, which links Coalpit Heath with Iron Acton, have claimed victory in their lengthy battle to shut the narrow lane at both ends after convincing South Gloucestershire Council it posed a danger to the walkers and horseriders who use it regularly.

Nick Carver, who helped organise a petition signed by 760 people in favour of closing the road, said two dogs and five cats had been killed by cars on the road, a horse had to be shot after being hit by a vehicle and some property walls had been knocked over as many as seven times.

“There are a list of known incidents,” he said. “A speeding car forced two walkers to jump into the bushes to avoid being hit and a motorcyclist was thrown from his bike when trying to avoid a car.

“There have been many more near misses and bumps in the night as well as numerous reports of vehicles swerving to avoid pedestrians, horses and cyclists.”

Former local councillor and member of the Bristol Thursday Old Time Cyclists club, Alan Bracey, said cycling on Frampton End Road, which forms part of the Avon Cycleway and Frome Valley Walkway, was not enjoyable because of speeding traffic.

“Over recent years, the amount of motorist traffic has drastically increased,” he said. “Frampton End Road and Mayshill are increasingly used by motorists as a rat run to avoid using the A432 Badminton Road or the B4058 Bristol Road around Iron Acton.

“I understand that there have been no serious injury accidents on Frampton End for some time but in its current state this is an accident waiting to happen.”

Marilyn Wright, who has lived at Algars Mill on Frampton End Road for 31 years, said she regularly witnessed ‘potential disasters’.

She said: “I have come very close to being hit by a speeding car on two occasions, one of which necessitated my diving through a hawthorn hedge.

“The users of Frampton End Road should be able to enjoy this lovely area in the Frome Valley without fearing for their safety. Like the animals, they are sometimes lulled into a false sense of security and may not be aware of the dangers.”

But Nicola Johnson, of Mayshill, said she had been driving the lane twice a day for eight years and had not seen an increase in traffic.

“Since 2004 I have used the lane on a daily basis to drive my children to their local village primary school in Iron Acton,” she said. “If the lane were to be closed I would have to drive to our local school via Yate, which is uneconomical, not environmentally friendly and robs us of our link with the local community.”

Cllr Dave Hockey (Lib Dem, Frampton Cotterell) told the Gazette: “If there was one place that needs to be protected for people who value the countryside this is it. And if you cannot get this road closed you don’t stand a chance anywhere.”

South Gloucestershire Council’s planning, transport and strategic environment committee supported closing Frampton End Road, Mayshill and Station Road at three points and introducing a 20mph speed limit.

The Frome Vale Area Forum will consider funding the closures at its next meeting on March 7.