WICKWAR adventurer Garri Hughes might not be going around the world in 80 days but he will be spending the same amount of time trying to reach the last piece of undiscovered land in the North Pole.

The 36-year-old father-of-one has been selected to join polar explorer Jim McNeill on the Ice Warrior Project, an expedition to the North Pole of Inaccessibility - the further point away from land in the Arctic Ocean and 270 miles from the geographic North Pole, which has never been reached by mankind.

Garri, who teaches design technology at Howell’s School in Cardiff, was chosen as one of just 28 ordinary people to join the 800-mile trek starting in February 2016.

“I have always been interested in navigating and mountaineering and run a Duke of Edinburgh programme but I have never done anything like this before,” he said.

“But I want to give my son something to be proud of when he grows up a bit and show him lots of things are possible.

“And I will be doing a video diary so I can keep my students up-to-date.”

Garri, who lives with his wife Julie and their two-year-old Elis, will be helping collecting vital data about the region and police ice caps.

He said he was most looking forward to feeling at one with nature but had several concerns as well.

“I am possibly going to be somewhere no-one else has ever been before,” he said. “I quite enjoy being within myself and within my own thoughts and contemplating and am looking forward to that feeling of isolation with no-one around for miles and mile.”

He added: “My wife was the one who read about the project on Facebook although I think she is regretting saying anything now. She is excited for me but worried about polar bears and me plunging into the ice.

“My main worry is missing my son. Being away for that period of time where you are uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone, I think I will miss him a lot.”

Garri, who will be joined on the expedition by fellow Bristolians Kirsten Buglass and Luke Argus, needs to raise £20,000 by December to take part in the project.

To make a donation go to http://de.gofund.me/py2ccpk8 or for information about the trip visit lastpole.co.uk