A DOG walker is warning fellow pet owners to take extra care after her dog was taken ill in a suspected poisoning on Wednesday, February 15.  

Emma Kendall’s bloodhound Milly was rushed to the vets after eating from a “suspicious pile of biscuits” that were piled up on a green near Somerset Avenue in Yate.

The dog owner said: “I was walking my three dogs off-lead and noticed that Milly was up to something.

“When I went over, she was eating from a massive pile of biscuits that looked like they had been deliberately put there.”

Just a few hours later, Milly developed a swollen stomach and began convulsing and foaming at the mouth.

She was rushed to a veterinary surgery in Bradley Stoke, where she was put on a drip and given charcoal to induce vomiting.

Emma said: “The vets can’t confirm that it was due to being poisoned without expensive testing but it seems pretty obvious what happened to me – it’s too much of a coincidence.”

The emergency trip cost £800, but Milly is now back to normal, if “a little sleepy”, according to the dog owner.

 “She’s a lovely dog and it’s awful to think that she might have died,” said Emma.

“I’m urging all dog owners to be extra vigilant and to pick up dog poo – don’t give anyone a reason to hate dogs."

Emma added that she would like to thank all the staff that helped save Milly's life.