HOUSING developers like to suggest that they are motivated by generosity and kind-heartedness when they put forward a planning proposal. 

Take Churchill Retirement Living, for example, who claim that their proposals for a new block of Yate flats will meet an “urgent demand” for elderly housing. 

In theory, it sounds wonderful - no one could object to more homes for some of the more vulnerable members of the society.

But if you look at the type of homes on offer by the company, “luxury” is the word that springs to mind.

With wellbeing suites, beauty facilities and landscaped gardens, an apartment at a Churchill development is the perfect palace for a downsizing wealthy pensioner.

These homes are not for people in real need, and to suggest otherwise is going to perpetuate a myth that the housing crisis is being tackled.

The truth of the matter is that developers are looking to make as much money as possible, and it is an insult for them to suggest otherwise.