LAST weekend's art day in Dodington was such a success that it may become a regular event.
Mark Gould, one of DecoArt's international design team, led the all-day workshop in the parish hall.
Thirty-five crafters were set the task of creating a mixed-media and shabby-chic upcycled clock.
"It was really lovely," said Beverley Hodgson, who organised the event.
"We used every single table and chair in the hall, we even commandeered the decorators' table. 
"Everyone put a lot of hard work in and the results were fantastic. Mark was such a brilliant tutor.
"Dodington Parish Hall has really good lighting and so proved an excellent venue for this kind of handiwork.
"We're now thinking of continuing with the group and are looking at the possibility of running a retreat early next year."
Participants tried out techniques using various art mediums and paints before completing the mixed-media clock project. 
The Home Crafters, a group of local artists based in Yate, were on hand to sell relevant materials. 
For more information about future events, call Beverley on 07913387477.