A YATE homeowner says he is at his ‘wits’ end’ after vandals ripped down his garden trellis for the fourth time.

Adrian Weaving, of Cheshire Close, has become so frustrated by the damage to his property that he is now offering a reward for any information about how it happened.

The 56-year-old installed a section of ornate half-arc wooden fencing on top of his garden wall 18 months ago at a cost of £400.

His ordeal began when vandals first pulled down the trellis just one month later.

“And it then happened again every six months,” he said.

The police have carried out inquiries in the immediate area, but have found no leads.

“I’ve called the police every time it’s happened. They came round on the second occasion and knocked on doors to see if anybody had seen anything.

“But now they just say they’ve filed it. 

“I’ve now offered a reward on Facebook for any information that leads to a successful conviction,” he said.

Mr Weaving believes that punters on their way home from local pubs may be to blame.

“My neighbours have heard drunk and rowdy groups making their way up the main road. I tend to be asleep at that time of night, so I haven’t heard anything myself.”

So far, Mr Weaving has been repairing and reinstalling the trellis, but he has found the frequency of the damage has weakened the structural integrity of the fencing.

“I’ve been putting the broken pieces back together, using a staple gun. But as this is the fourth time, it’s all getting a bit ropey and is starting to disintegrate. It’s only made of two by two little bits of wood, which are starting to split now.

“On the first occasion it may have been my fault, as I had a Manchester United flag flying off the flag pole in my garden, and the vandals may have been trying to get to that. But since then I haven’t flown any flags.

“I’ve been looking into getting a security camera installed, but if it was installed on my property it would be at the wrong angle to film the vandalism.

"I’ve also considered using anti-vandal paint, but you can only get it in black, which wouldn’t look right on these trellises, which are decorative, and are currently an orangey-red.

“I appreciate that, in the grand scheme of things, this is trivial, but it is causing us great stress and financial loss.

“I’m not sure what I’ll do if it happens again. Maybe I won’t put it back up, but the garden feels too open with nothing there.

“Really, I’d like an end to this now, one way or another.”

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: “Anyone with information about this criminal damage should call 101, quoting crime number 5217218021.”