FOREST Green are rubbing shoulders with Premier League technology after becoming the first non-league side to implement Prozone match analysis.

The Prozone’s Matchviewer system provides a unique technical and tactical computerised coaching tool using single camera footage.

It allows coaches immediate access to every single event in a game (eg. shots, passes, crosses, set-pieces) and provides performance data and visual representations on individual players, units within the team or the whole team.

Rovers’ manager David Hockaday is an advocate of the integration of sports science into the coaching process and welcomed the new gizmo.

He said:"Forest Green are the first team in non-league football to have this cutting-edge technology.

"This will massively improve our post-match analysis, allowing us to look more technically at our performances and see we’re we can gain those few extra percentage points that can mean the difference between winning and losing."

Chairman Dale Vince said pioneering the use of computer analytics outside of the Football League was just another step along the path to making Forest Green more professional and more competitive and will help Hockaday, assistant Gary Seward and coaches Scott Bartlett and Kevin Phillips.

He said: "We’ve seen some big improvements on the pitch so far this season and it is all part of an overall strategy that we started two years ago to make the club more professional.

"It started with seemingly obvious measures, such as feeding players at training and games to ensure they have the right fuel, through to getting better training facilities at the Cirencester Agricultural College.

"We’ve continued to improve the quality of the pitch by giving groundsman Stewart Ward the right tools for the job, provided local accommodation to cut down travel time before games, and we’re now bringing in the best analytical tools available in Prozone, to help the coaches further improve preparation for games.

"These are all measures that will give our players the best chance of performing to the maximum capability."