Hanham Minor League Division B U10s

Thornbury Town 7 Coalpit Heath 4

THORNBURY Town beat Coalpit Heath at home.

Coalpit Heath nicked the lead early on in the first game only for Thornbury to equalise straight away through versatile man of the match James Stone, who picked up the ball on the half-way line and lashed it into the top corner.

Thornbury then started to dominate possession with defensive pairing Joe Pearmain and Theo Stowell at the heart of things, but it was Coalpit Heath who helped themselves to two more goals before Freddie Harper struck for Thornbury to make the final score 2-3.

The pitch was a quagmire for game two. Thornbury took an early lead through George Baker to equalise the tie overall and at that stage the result would have been difficult to call.

Thornbury asserted themselves in the second half, though, and Baker notched another before setting up Sam Lee and Joni Gadish for two more.

Coapit Heath scored again to make it interesting but Baker went on to complete a well-deserved hat-trick and the game finished 5-1.

Man of the match was Martin Chapman in Thornbury's goal, who showed good handling in horrible conditions.

Thornbury (first game): Thomas, Stowell, Pearmain, Stone, Moss, Rowen, Harper, Harris, Gaynor, O'Donnell.

Thornbury (second game): Chapman, King, Gregory, O'Brien, Ebanks, Lee, Baker, Curtis, Gadish, Anstey.