ALMONDSBURY UWE chairman Mike Blessing said it was a privilege to win the Toolstation Western League’s RESPECT award for the month of January.

The First Division club place a big emphasis on adhering to the FA’s respect programme, introduced to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in which football can take place, and have been recognised for their efforts.

Blessing said: “It is a privilege to win any award. It recognises that our players are working with the programme.

“Right the way through the club, from the youth section to adults, the respect programme is something we exercise on a daily basis.

“From our point of view we like to see our players do their best at all times. The game is about sport rather than about competition so you need to respect players around you and officials.

“Our partnership with UWE is a key element of what we do. We have a range of players at senior level from all parts of the hemisphere.”