FOUR Dursley Road Club members consolidated their good early season form by winning the team prize in the Severn Hardriders event held at Tormarton recently, the third event of the series.

It was a pleasantly sunny, relatively mild morning but a stiff breeze made it hard-going on a notorious drag up to Tormarton from Acton Turville.

Results: Simon Williams 7th, 54:59; Mike Davis 12th, 55:59; Graeme Davis 17th, 57:17;John Sirrett 37th, 1:02:30.

Three Dursley riders took part in the Bath Hilly last weekend, the latest round of the WTTA Hardriders series.

The course includes two climbs, the second (Mere) being steep.

They had a taste of winter with periods of sun and hail storms, together with blustery winds.

Simon Williams posted the fastest time with 1:01:57, which earned him 11th place.

Mike Davis came in second with 1:02:38 (15th place) and Graeme Davis third with 1:04:14 (19th place).

The Dursley RC evening events begin on April 3, starting at 6.30pm. More details can be found at