Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club

ON SATURDAY a Stableford competition was held.

Division One was won by Matt Ayres on 39 points.

Second place went to James Cantwell with 38 points and third was Brian Moulder on 38 pts.

Division Two was won by Jason Dykes with 41 points, ahead of Nigel Hart on 38 points and Rich Kendall on 37 points.

Division Three was won by Micky Coles with 47 points, second place went to Martin Sampson with 42 points and third was Liam O'Donnell with 41points.

The Senior Section played Cirencester at home, losing by 2.5-4.5.

Stinchcombe winners: A Aldridge & J Farrow; R Lane & C Cooke; J Slim & J Sweet halved.

Stinchcombe then hosted Cotswold Edge, winning by 4.5-2.5.

Stinchcombe winners: A Aldridge & C Cooke; J Sweet & M Chubb; J Slim & G Tarr; K Hill & R Sanderson.

Result for Ladies Medal One: Mrs M Slim 74 (1st nett score); Mrs H Finigan 76 (lowest gross); Mrs A Stratton 76; Mrs P Savage 77.