THE Ridge School won four gold medals at this year’s South West Schools Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships.

A total of 24 pupils from the school travelled to Sherborne in Dorset to compete in the U11 section of the competition.

A large haul of medals made their way back to Yate clutched in happy hands and the gymnasts who won their categories have qualified to represent the South West region at the finals of The British Schools Championships, which will be held in Stoke-on-Trent on May 10-11.

The pupils competed together in teams of six, performing agilities and balance elements to music.

Three teams were entered to allow the growing number of pupils who wanted to have a go at the competition this year and they took the top three positions.

The pupils also competed in the pairs categories.

The gymnasts had been training during their lunch breaks and after school in preparation for the competition.

For some of the children this was their first experience of competition and a mixture of nerves and excitement buzzed around the school on the run up to the event.

“I was so pleased that all the children performed well and that none of them made any mistakes," said Mrs Jane Mewse, who coaches the team.

"I think they all left the competition having had an enjoyable and memorable experience."

Ridge School results - U11 Group: 1st Ellise King (9), Holly Stone (10), Abigail Clothier (10), Lauren Alvis (9), Grace Burney (8), and Grace Wilson (7); 2nd Evie Arpino Norvill (8), Lily Clarke (9), Rebecca Durham (10), Keris Pursey (10), Remi Bragg (8), and Kacey Naish (8); 3rd Charlie Hulme (11), Ellie Williamson (10), Jessica Hawkins (10), Izzy Yeend (10), Kirsten Pierce (9) and Henry Skidmore (9).

U11 Girls’ Pairs: 1st Holly Stone and Ellise King; 2nd Abigail Clothier and Lauren Alvis; 4th Lily Clarke and Grace Wilson; Ellie Williamson and Grace Burney; Evie Arpino Norvill and Kacey Naish; Rebecca Durham and Remi Bragg; Charlie Hulme and Jessica Hawkins; Sophie Archer and Kirsten Pierce; Keris Pursey and Izzy Yeend.

U11 Mixed Pairs: 1st Ryan Martin (11) and Abigail Clothier; 2nd Henry Skidmore and Ellise King; 3rd Billy Boulton (10) and Holly Stone; 4th James Williams (8) and Grace Burney; 5th Theo McGuigan (9) and Lauren Alvis.

Under 11 Boys’ Pairs: 1st Ryan Martin and Henry Skidmore; 2nd Billy Boulton and James Williams

U11 Disability: 1st Ellie Williamson and Sian Williams (11).