Stinchcombe Hill

STINCHCOMBE A played their opening match at home to Gloucester A in the North Glos Foursomes League and won 4-2.

The winning pairs for Stinchcombe were Mark Pitcher and Alex Higgs, Tom Workman and Chris Walker, Stuart Carter-Smith and Rob White with Gary Box and James Cantwell and Nick Pitcher and Nigel Clarke both halving.

The B team played at Gloucester, losing 5-1.

The Lister Cup at Stinchcombe is an annual event open to clubs over 50-years-old and within a 50-mile radius of Stinchcombe.

It is a team event with teams of four with the best three gross scores to count.

The winning team was Long Ashton with a team score of 207, followed by Stinchcombe on 211. Third was Lansdown on 212.

The best gross score on the day was Alex Higgs representing Stinchcombe with a fine 66 to win the Tim Smith trophy, which was donated by the family of Tim, who was a two-time county champion.

On Saturday a medal was held.

Results – Division One: 1st Paul Street 75-10=65, 2nd Matt Ayres 74-7=67, 3rd Andy Campion 77-9=69.

Division Two: 1st Anthony White 77-14=63, 2nd Sean Park 82-16=66, 3rd was Luke Elliott 79-13=66.

Division Three: 1st Alan Wells 81-19=62, 2nd Rich Gillingham 87-25=62, 3rdColin Pritchard 86-23=63.

Ladies' Section – Coronation Foursomes: J Coles, R Jones 35 pts; K Thomson, C Westmorland 34 pts; B Williams, B Wildsmith 32 pts.