THE Seniors played Puckrup Hall Seniors and scored a close win, 3.5-2.5.

Results:- J Finch, T Baird halved B Close and J Pritchard; B Wills and P Hale won 2 and 1 R Duncan and T Rawlinson; D Holliday and P Lewis lost 3 and 1 G Smith and P Watson; M Ward and D Ryan won 6 and 5; P White, A Collingwood; A Taylor and D Arney lost 1 down T Heath and J Roberts; R Wallace and M Collier won 5 and 3 D Ebbage and D Stokes.

Cotswold Edge Ladies played Wrag Barn Ladies at the Edge and won an enjoyable match by 2.5-1.5.

Results: Ilse Russell and Carol Griffith beat Pan Megarry and Ros Cliff; Jacki Emerson and Irene Elford beat Cathy Stamford and Maureen Singer; Jessie Goodbrand and Dee Allen lost Sue Mead and Joyce Bale; Angela Ryan and Heather Morgan halved Sharon Winterbottom and Joyce Chandler.