PLAYERS from the past and present combined to play an anniversary match celebrating 150 years of Slimbridge Cricket Club.

The 'Gentlemen' of Slimbridge, led by Jeff Chandra, took on the 'Players' of Slimbridge led by Bill Church. Everyone assembled on Sunday morning with much facial hair grown rapidly in 24 hours and resplendent in jackets, blazers, top hats and caps.

The game, which the Gentlemen just edged, was played in good spirit with family members lined up against each other.

Chairman Jeff Chandra said: "It was a special occasion and good to see that our many old friends haven't lost their touch.

"Many thanks to Dave Stayte, Steve Tilley and Jamie Cullimore for organising the occasion and to Richard Sims from the Tudor Arms for organising a splendid lunch."

A special 'champagne moment' was awarded for Jamie Cullimore's stunning one-handed catch – as good as any seen over the last 150 years.

A 'shampoo' award went to Sean Ellis for dropping his son Jordan off his own bowling.

Many old friends dropped in during the day and are looking forward to a celebration dinner in November.