FOUR games in week eight of the Slimbridge Summer Skittle league after the postponed game between Snorts FC and The Dons started the week off.

League leaders Snorts FC made it six wins from six after a 31-pin victory over The Dons.

In a half with only one spare the winners opened up an early lead, taking the first two legs before losing the third. Charlie Mould recorded a 9-spare in the fifth leg as Snorts FC opened up a 30-pin advantage; however The Dons fought back to take the next two legs. With Gareth Markey scoring 64 for the winners they took the final leg to hold a 29-pin first half advantage.

The second half again saw Snorts FC take the first two legs; however with Nick Hull, who finished with 62; hitting a 13-spare in the third leg; The Dons clawed their way back into the game.

Winning the following three legs they held a 7-pin advantage going into the sixth leg. Colin Clutterbuck hit a 10-spare in the sixth leg as Snorts FC reduced the advantage; trailing by a single pin entering the final leg.

Scoring 29 left The Dons needing 28 to take the half, however despite a strong tail end they fell 2-pins short.

The Geriatrics moved into third spot after they recorded a 29-pin victory over Slimbridge RBL In a first half that saw the latter win only two legs the winners hit four spares, with Kelvin Summers recording a 9-spare, Keith O Connor hitting a 12-spare in the second leg then finishing up with an 11-spare, whilst Len Holder hit a 12-spare in his score of 61. Val Tarr hit a 14-spare in her score of 54 as Slimbridge RBL trailed by 19-pins at the break.

The second half saw neither team hitting any spares as Slimbridge RBL went on to take 4-legs and tie another. However it was not enough to see them win the half as despite Sid Lord hitting 54 the Geriatrics extended their margin of victory by 10-pins with Nigel Winfield hitting 65.

Shake Hands faced the Cambridge Crew and in a close game the former took the spoils with a 10-pin victory to remain in second spot.

Shake Hands took the first three legs to open up a 12-pin advantage before a 13-spare from Rose Millyard helped the Cambridge Crew take the fourth leg and half the deficit. Reducing the lead by a further pin in the next leg the game was set for a close finish; however Shake Hands took the sixth leg, and despite an 11-spare form Sarah Garrard who hit 56 for the Cambridge Crew, they were unable to take the final leg and trailed by 10-pins.

The second half saw the winners take the first leg and Cambridge Crew the second to leave the scores tied. However with Robert Sims scoring 60 for Shake Hands they looked set to take the half as they opened up a 9-pin advantage. Despite losing the fifth leg Shake Hands took the next two to lead by 7-pins entering the final leg. Hitting 27 left Cambridge Crew requiring a score of 35 to take the half. Having scored 20 anchor Rob Wytchard required a 15-spare, however despite hitting 69 he fell 1-pin short, hitting a 14-spare to tie the half.

Snorts FC extended their lead at the top with a 33-pin victory over the Bowmen After tying the first leg the eventual winners took the next two to open up a 9-pin advantage before the Bowmen claimed the fourth leg. With Charlie Mould hitting a 12-spare and scoring 59, his total matched by Gareth Markey Snorts FC were able to take a 24-pin first half advantage, this despite Richard Day scoring 56 for the latter.

The second half saw the Bowmen claim the first leg before Snorts FC claimed the next three to hold a 10-pin lead. The Bowmen claimed the next leg and with Marlon Zoglowek hitting a 9-spare in the seventh leg trailed by 14-pins entering the final leg. With Snorts FC hitting 26 the Bowmen finished with a flurry scoring 31 to reduce the deficit to 9-pins and claim 10-points on the game.