Berkeley Skittles League

IN division three of the Berkeley League, spares from Pete Wood and Graham Tocknell gave the Fizz Kids a nine-pin lead over the Undesirables after five legs.

However, the visitors fought back with spares from Paul and Malcolm Jones to give them a two-pin lead going into the last leg.

A strong finish with 23 pins from their last three players saw the Fizz Kids win.

In division four, the previously unbeaten Slimbridge LSC travelled to play Surgical Spirits at Cam Sports Club.

They started well and were 10 pins ahead after the first leg. However the Sports Club alley can prove tricky as Slimbridge found when they started their third leg with a pair of ones.

The home side looked in the ascendancy and a spare from Terry partridge in the sixth leg looked to have the game sown up. However the Surgical spirits slumped to 35 pin seventh leg leaving Slimbridge LSC four pins up going into the last leg.

Despite a good 57 from Slimbridge’s anchor Rob Wytchard Surgical Spirits ran out the winners as their anchor Phil Langdown finished with a 15 spare.

Results. Division Three Allsorts 413 (R McDowell 65),Elites 406 (C Cooke 64); Colombians 399 (K Jellings 57),Not a Clue 376 (D Wolstenholme 56); Fizz Kids 420 (P Wood 65),Undesirables 416 (P Jones 57); Guys and Dolls 394 (P Hatton 58),First Class 364 (P Smart 53); Haymakers 452 (J Cole 63),Fizz Kids 421 (E Prescott 63); Undesirables 427 (M Jones 63),Quality Factors 415 (P Morys 63); Division Four Dursley Golfers 392 (F Moon 63),Sharpness Playmates 361 (N Hewer,S Waite 54); Pamdemonium 442 (M Kingscote 64),Surgical Spirits 462 (S Brown 64); Pheasant Pluckers 386 (J Venn 56),Synwell B 397 (M Stinchcombe 60); Rockhampton Rams 417 (G Fisher,M Tyler 58),Oddbods 385 (S Perrett 61); Rogues 431 (S Button 65),Pheasant Pluckers 432 (R Bloodworth 62); Sharpness Playmates 385 (J Lewis 61),Fielders 383 (R Griffiths 62); Surgical Spirits 380 (T Partridge 57),Slimbridge LSC 372 (R Wytchard 57); Division Five Casuals 380 (J Hopkins,M Evans 54),Hot Gossips 409 (S Ruther 60); Jolly Mariners 412 (F Denton,T Hooper 55),Ladybirds 372 (T Cowley 54); Rockin Berries 402 (C Derrick 56),Staggareds 404 (J Hatfield 56); Staggareds 367 (R Summers,D Smith 50),Duty Free 328 (J Walker,G Jones 49);