Berkeley League

In division three, The Quality Factors scored a good home win over the Elites at the ever tricky Hamfields alley.

A 60 pin fourth leg without a spare put the Quality Factors in command. The Elites fought back with Chris Cooke leading the way with 57 but they fell four pins short.

In division four Will Cartledge scored an 18 spare on his way to 64 as the Rockhampton Rams had an away win over the Rogues.

Nick Button finished with a 15 spare in his 68 for the Rogues In division five The Staggareds kept their promotion hopes intact with an away win over the Astonians.

Starting the game with spares from John Hatfield and Brian Webb they were rocked back as the Astonians took a two pin lead by the sixth leg.

However, a 12 spare by Reg Portlock helped the Starreds to a close win. Kevin Webb was the pick of the Astonians with 59 without a spare.

Results: Division Three Guys and Dolls 401 (K James 58),Haymakers 403 (H Edwards 64); Haymakers 443 (J Edwards 70),Bangers 449 (K Nelmes 76); Not a Clue 378 (M Palmer 57),Guys and Dolls 379 (P Smith 56); Quality Factors 376 (M Downs 56),Elites 372 (C Cooke 57); Raggedass Rangers 412 (S Spill 63),Not a Clue 402 (O Wolstenhome 59); Undesirables 399 (P Mack 60),Guys and Dolls 395 (P Skirrow 57); Undesirables 402 (J Hancock 57),Stylistics 439 (D Woolams 61); Division Four Chaos 397 (C Pemberton,T Trotman 55),Pamdemonium 384 (B Bridges 60); Fielders 399 (R Child 56),Oddbods 370 (R Atkinson 63); Misspins 402 (M Terrett 65),Sharpness Playmates 375 (N Cook 53); Rogues 410 (N Button 68),Rockhampton Rams 427 (W Cartledge 64); Slimbridge LSC 389 (D Yeomans 61),Fielders 345 (J Carpenter 52); Synwell B 386 (G Ashby 60),Surgical Spirits 393 (C Watts 60); Division Five Astonians 393 (K Webb 59),Staggareds 398 (J Hatfield 62); Casuals 407 (C Day 61),Titbits 428 (J Swallow,J Stevenson 58); Cheers 4 Beers 394 (M Jones 53),Duty Free 384 (S Ball 57); Jolly Mariners 362 (M Stevens 56),Cheers 4 Beers 386 (S Bishop 59); Jolly Mariners 400 (A Mills 57),Astonians 401 (C Rushton 55); Vixens 417 (M Grieves 62),Rockin Berries 435 (D Clarke 62);