DURSLEY Motocross Club rider Lee Dunham finished fifth in the IMBA MX1 European Championship.

The two-time champion finished second overall in the final round in Switzerland, finishing ajust five points away from a fourth place finish.

Dunham lined up at the start of Moto1 in a much different position to those in front of him.

Starting from way on the outside, Dunham rocketed out of the start gates and was dragging up the straight a clear few bike lengths in front of everyone.

Giving it his best shot at a podium finish, Dunham led proceedings for a couple of laps before being passed by the Belgium duo of Vincent Collet and Jelle Grade.

Local Swiss hero Daniel Hauser also pushed past Dunham.

With the race coming to an end the leading four pushed hard and made a good gap back to the next riders with Dunham finishing fourth.

In Moto2, another storming holeshot saw Dunham hold the lead for the opening few laps.

However, mistake saw Dunham drop from first to fifth in one corner.

Still charging hard, all five riders were setting a great pace up front.

It was looking like the order would stay as it was, but disaster struck for the Belgium’s Grade, as a Czech and French rider collided in front of him and took him down on the fastest straight on the track.

Dunham snuck through into fourth and remained there until the finish.

Determined to make the final race a good one, Dunham took to another holeshot and was looking comfortable leading Collet around the Armiswil circuit.

Dunham was passed mid-race by Collet and then the pair put some good strong and fast laps together to move away from third placed rider Christophe Sellent.

Dunham took a brilliant second position in the final race which bounced him into the podium places.

Dunham said: “I’m so happy to come away with a podium.

I have been so close all year and this just tops it.

“We’ve worked so hard for this. We now have a couple of weeks to get focused onto the last English round at Hawkstone Park in Shrophsire.”

Dunham sits just eight points off the lead in the AMCA MX1 Championship, where he is looking to retain the title he has held for the last two years.

Following the latest event held at Norley Dunham bagged yet another podium place with a second place finish.

In moto one, Dunham grabbed a fantastic start and sat comfortably in second position for the whole race before being relegated back to third spot on the final corner when a stray backmarker halted his charge.

Dunham snatched a dramatic win in the second race, passing Clinton Barrs on the final lap.

Dunham didn’t have the best of starts in the final race, but passed riders everywhere finish second.