AFTER electric super car, the Nemesis, smashed the UK electric car land-speed record last Thursday, Damon Hill OBE took the car on a lap of Silverstone as part of a fundraising drive for the halow project.

The Nemesis - brainchild of Forest Green chairman Dale Vince OBE, who founded the world’s first green electricity company, Ecotricity Hill is patron and founder member of halow - the charity is committed to supporting young people with a learning disability to become more independent and have the same life chances and choices as any other young person.

Joining Damon in the Nemesis was Dan Maguire, supporter of halow, who successfully bid for the once-in-a-lifetime experience at a halow fundraising event which took place in London in July, raising over £50,000 for the charity. Former F1 World champion Damon was delighted to go electric in aid of halow.

Hill said: “It’s great for Dale and Ecotricity to make this happen for halow - it helps us generate the funds we need.

“And Dan Maguire is one of the many generous people that bid at the auction - everything we raise helps make someone’s life better through halow, which is such a great charity and a very worthwhile cause.”

Powered entirely by 100% green electricity made by Ecotricity’s network of 53 windmills around the UK, the Nemesis was designed and built in less than two years by an ‘A-team’ of leading British motorsport engineers in Norfolk.

Vince added: “It is great to see the Nemesis with Damon behind the wheel.

“We built the car to smash conventions and challenge thinking about what an electric car can do - last week we broke the electric land-speed record and today it’s powering around Silverstone with Damon Hill at the wheel. “There is no logical reason to oppose electric cars anymore - what are we waiting for?”

Damon was also highly impressed with the speed of the record-breaking Nemesis around the Silverstone track.

He said: “It’s incredible: incredible speed, very quick. The electric car has so many advantages, noise and pollution being on high on that list, particularly in urban environments.

“The power to run this car has come from the wind - it’s free energy, so we’re foolish if we don’t put our mind to work and figure out solutions as to how we live on this planet.” The Nemesis can travel from 100-150 miles between charges depending on driving style and can be charged from empty in under 30mins using rapid-charging infrastructure.