Bath Buccaneers Ladies 4ths 1 Wotton Ladies 3

SKIPPER Cathy York lost the toss at the beginning of this friendly at the University Campus and was invited to play into the setting sun.

This could have set Wotton into a defensive mindset, but there was no sign of this, and a textbook manoeuvre in the first three minutes outflanked the Bath defence and presented Leila Gray with a push-in goal.

The next 15 minutes was Buccaneers' best period and they pulled level with a raid that outnumbered Wotton’s defence.

Sharron Bates restored the lead at the end of the half.

Wotton completely dominated the second half and took the opportunity to move players around.

Tori Adams was very influential on the right, and Eilidh Rogers, who played with great skill and enthusiasm on the left, extended the lead with a driven shot from a penalty corner.

Ali Dixon and Beccy Chalmers took turns to manage the team from the centre and showed their authority.

This was a rewarding return to competitive play for Wotton and excellent preparation for Saturday’s league fixture against Westberries.