Cotswold Edge Golf Club

COTSWOLD Edge Seniors travelled to Cirencester Golf Club and on a fine day lost a tight match 3.5-2.5.

One notable event was a hole in one for Dennis Goodbrand on the 13th hole.

Cotswold Edge Seniors travelled to Shirehampton to play their Seniors, and on a dry afternoon, halved a very close match 2.5- 2.5.

Results: M Ward and R Fay won 4 and 3 v M Bailey and M Lear; T White and B Wills lost 3 and 2 v B Linnell and A Matthias; D Holliday and R Johnson won 5 and 3 v P Bailey and G Edmunds; D Goodbrand and S Fairman halved against R Heathman and A Smith; P Lewis and G Bartlett lost 2 and 1 v L Drysdale and D Bishop; D Ryan and A Taylor halved against A Jackson and J Bartlett.

It was a dry day for the playing of the May Medal and some excellent scores were recorded.

In Division One, Vern Chappell had a nett 66 to win, with Geoff Gillingham second with a nett 69.

Results – Division One: 1. V Chappell 69-3=66; 2. F Gillingham 81-12=69; 3. M Jacuki 76-6=70.

Division Two: 1. D Newcombe 79-14=65; 2. G J Bartlett 83-15=68; 3. N Scott 87-17=70.

Division Three: 1. R Betts 86-21=65; 2. J Docherty 89-21=68; 3. J Mason 89-20=69.

The Tombstone results – Men:1. T Tomlin Nett 71; 2. D Munn Nett 72; 3. G Briggs Nett 73.

Ladies: 1. Julie Cruickshank Nett 68; 2. Casey Chappell Nett 70; 3. Gill Polley Nett 73.

Twenty-two mixed pairs played in a Greensome Stableford format for the Beere Mug Trophy.

Scoring was good on a dry day and Simon and Charlotte Pirie won it with 41 points, with Simon and Michelle Craker second, losing it on a count back.

Results: 1. Charlotte and Simon Pirie 41pts; 2. Michelle and Simon Craker 41pts; 3. Sarah Tyler and Dave Munn 40pts.

There was a good turn out of members for the mid-week medal, and on a dry day, Ian Ashworth came first with a nett 69 followed by Gene Hawley with 71. Results: 1. I Ashworth 82-13=69; 2. G Hawley 82-11=71; 3. F Lineham 98-26=72.

There was an excellent turnout of ladies for the Ann Candy Plate, and in-form Maria Sheppard won with 34 points, followed by Jacki Emerson with the same score of 34points, but was beaten on countback.

Results: 1. Maria Sheppard 34pts; 2. Jacki Emerson 34pts; 3. Mary Kowalczyk 34pts.