GLOUCESTERSHIRE’S hopes of topping the Middleton Cup group will be dependent on Warwickshire beating Wiltshire as well as picking up enough points against Worcestershire, who also are in the hunt to finish top.

The match with Worcestershire takes place at Barnwood on Saturday at 2pm with Gloucestershire having to making a slight readjustment to the side due to the non availability of Matt Cuthbert. John Heathcote (Stroud) steps into the side as a lead.

Gloucestershire: Nathan Kitchen (Cheltenham), Mike Prosser (Gloucester Spa), Steve Knight (Cheltenham), Mike Woodbridge (Cheltenham); Adam Smith (Dowty), Vince Wilks (Gloucester City), Mark Perry (Cheltenham), Lee Williamson (Cheltenham); Ben Coldrick (Dowty), Nick Holliday (Cheltenham), John Roach (Cheltenham), Stuart Hodges (Cheltenham); John Heathcote (Stroud), Eddie Kavanagh (Tewkesbury), Keith Hinder (Dursley), Dave Howes (Stroud); Chris Roach (Cheltenham), Jack Daniels (Bishops Cleeve), Chris Davies (Coleford), Rob Griffiths (Cheltenham); John Smallwood (Olveston), Roger Bird (Tetbury), Nigel Cansdale (Cirencester), Paul Bryant (Olveston).

Reserves: Pete Stinchcombe (Tetbury) Paul Nelmes (Cheltenham) Rich Browett (Barnwood BC), Andy Locke (Henleaze BC).