COTSWOLD Edge Golf Club’s Dawn Chorus started at 7am to attract more members, and it did the trick.

Members played a Shot-Gun and scoring was good.

In Division One Mike Cowell scored 38 points to win, with Mike Brealey second with 37 points.

In Division Two Roy Hirst scored 40 points to win, with Alan Cole second with 36 points.

The winner of the Trophy came from the ladies section when Brenda Alway scored 43 points to win, with June Hanson second with 40 points.

Results- Division One: M Covell 38pts; 2 M Brealey 37pts; 3 J Barrett 37pts.

Division Two: 1 R Hirst 40pts; 2 A V Cole 36pts; 3 J Covell 35pts.

Ladies: 1 Ms Brenda Alway 43pts (Trophy Winner); 2 Mrs June Hanson 40pts; 3 Mrs Julie Cruickshank 39pts.

July Midweek Medal:- 1 M Jagucki 72-6=66; 2 S Craker 76-5=71; 3 R Casey 85-14=71.