DURSLEY goalkeeper Keith Watson believes that his double award at presentation night highlights how much some players are letting themselves and the club down.

The 34-year-old stopper was voted both first team Players’ Player of the Year and Supporters’ Player of the Year following three seasons in the reserves and thirds.

However, Watson is sure that he would not have been in the running for any awards had a string of club-mates played to anywhere near their potential during the season.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m honoured and proud to have won these awards,” he said. “But just how many people would have seen this coming at the start of the season?

“If you gave Cam or Sharpness or Berkeley their pick of Dursley’s players, I don’t think I’d be top of their lists – or even in the first five of ten that they would want.

“I’m 34, I’m overweight and I’ve got a dodgy knee, but I try to make up for that with total commitment. Too many players here are squandering infinitely more talent.

“Like Sharpy (club chairman Neil Sharp) said at the presentation, the managers can’t put the same team out from one week to the next – there is very little commitment.

“Barely a week went by last season where the managers weren’t being stitched up on the morning of a game. Those players are letting themselves and the club down.

“You don’t win games on reputation either. It doesn’t matter what you did last week, last year or whenever. You have to give your best for your team every single time.”

Town skipper Dan McNally and vice-captain Lee Thomas shared the first team Manager’s Player award, while Liam Jones was voted Young Player of the Year.

Jack Minett was voted reserve team Players’ Player of the Year, while the Managers’ Player of the Year was shared by veteran defenders Del Clark and Ricky Swift.

In the third team, Ash Pearce was voted Players’ Player, while Jake Dolbear was awarded Managers’ Player. Steve Hobbs was awarded Clubman of the Year.

Other awards – Top Scorer – 1st XI: shared by Dan Lees, Curtis Mills and Nathan Vines. 2nd XI: Lee Crosbee. 3rd XI: Jack Knight. 100 Appearances: Matt Humphrey, Dan McNally, Dan Minett, Jack Minett, Laurie Peters, Kyle Ward. 200 Appearances: Keith Watson. 400 Appearances: Nigel Hart. 500 Appearances: Lee Thomas. 700 Appearances: Keith Thomas.