DURSLEY Motocross Club rider Lee Dunham finished third overall in Round four of the AMCA British Motocross Championships at Pontrillas in Herefordshire.

In qualifying, Dunham posted the second fastest time to give him a fantastic choice of gate for the remainder of the day.

With a number of practices and races before Dunham’s first race the Pontrillas circuit had changed dramatically.

Dunham grabbed a fantastic start and sat in behind Luke Dean for the opening corners only for Dean to crash four corners in.

He led the initial lap, yet one mistake saw Clinton Barrs and Lee Payne go past heading into lap two.

Watching their lines, Dunham stepped up the pace, pushing Barrs, and they passed each other a number of times.

Payne then crashed leaving the duo of Barrs and Dunham to lead the charge.

After passing each other some more, it was Barrs who took the win, with Dunham second.

In Moto 2, Dunham missed the initial jump and was boxed in way down the leading group, but worked his way up to fourth after three laps.

By this time, though, the leading trio of Payne, Barrs and Dean and separated from the pack and put 20 seconds on Dunham.

Still charging until the end of the race, Dunham clawed back to ten seconds behind Barrs for fourth place.

Dunham grabbed a good start in Moto 3 to sit early in sixth position, luckily missing a couple of rider errors.

One incident smashed Dunham’s goggles and from the first lap he trailed a film of tape that was wrapped around his neck.

Without a noticeable effect Dunham moved forward, passing people on every corner and straight to sit in second spot three laps in and he stayed there to finish behind Payne.

Dunham said: “Today was fun. It’s nice to have a track with so many different lines and options.

“My bike worked fantastic as always. The last race was tough for me because my roll off canister smashed off from roost and the film was over my eyes, and wrapped around my neck.

“|It was caught in my neck brace so when I went around a corner my head couldn’t move.

“Next week we have Canada Heights and in really looking forward to it.”