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Estate agent Judy Sawyer reflects on her long and successful career, and remembers what it was like to grow up in the Stroud Valleys. All recent photos: Simon Pizzey
Pupils from Stroud were invited to the conference to speak about women's rights alongside politicians, NGOs, and organisations all over the world
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Hugh Barton conducting the choir in Mozart’s Requiem last  year to huge acclaim
We chatted to Oriana, who is one of the team behind Galgos the new restaurant at The Greyhound in Stroud with a vibrant Latin American vibe
Jacob Ali, 23, of Reservoir Close, admitted a number of crimes while before magistrates
Residents are being warned to be vigilant after suspicious activities around the district
Cold callers turned up at a victim's address and pressured the victim to give them £200
A delivery van teeters on the edge of a cliff in Tintagel, Cornwall - just feet away from a 200ft to the sea below. Pic: SWNS