Vince Harris won last year’s Good Neighbour Award, with Trudi Panell named the runner up.

A neighbour explained how Vince had done so much to help them: “I live on my own, so Vince will always check that I am ok. He mows my lawns, puts my bins out, clears snow and changes my lightbulbs.

“Once, when I was away, he heard water coming from my house in the early hours of the morning, and then he was in the attic fixing a broken valve.

“He makes me feel safe, and I know I can always call on him night or day.”

Accepting his award, Vince said he strived to do all he could to help others.

“I am completely blown away to receive this award. I’m only human, but I strive to live my life by the motto ‘do more good than harm’.”