September 2 – Community Services and Licensing Committee

THE committee will be reviewing our Youth Work Strategy which we adopted two years ago. This built on the work we were already doing, in operating the Stroud District Youth Council, giving young people a voice in our decision-making. We set up eight Local Youth Forums, which have involved around 100 13 to 19-year-olds.

In just six months this year they spent over 1,500 volunteering hours. This project focus has been strengthened by the District Youth Work Network, which enables sharing of experience and co-ordination of effort. Stories from young people themselves, as well as testimonials from our partners, demonstrate the impact this investment is having. Most of all, it will result in young people becoming even more active in their local communities, gaining a stronger voice — and ultimately improving their own prospects.

September 4 - Boundary Review meeting

THE Boundary Commission has announced that it is ‘minded’ to recommend that Stroud District Council keeps 51 councillors. However, it has now started a public consultation on ward boundaries. The political groups within the council are meeting to discuss a response to this consultation.
You can have your say by visiting

September 4 — Environment Committee

THIS meeting could well pave the way to exciting changes to our recycling and refuse collections. Proposals being considered include a weekly collection of food waste, adding bags to the range of plastics we collect and introducing an opt-in chargeable garden waste collection service similar to that offered by our neighbouring councils. There would be a change in emphasis from refuse to recycling, with residual ‘landfill’ waste being collected fortnightly, rather than weekly. The committee is likely to recommend that the council makes these changes when its new contract starts in 2016.

September 5 – Sculpture Exhibition

I’M looking forward to a private viewing of an exhibition (‘Crucible 2’) at Gloucester Cathedral, curated by Chalford’s Gallery Pangolin. Crucible 1 in 2010 attracted 136,000 visitors in seven weeks! Gallery Pangolin is itself well worth a visit.

Canal update

DREDGING of the canal between Wallbridge and Lodgemore is going well. It is starting to look like a canal again. You can view both ends of the action on The Lower Lock Cafe – formerly the Lock Keepers – has reopened and at Ebley a canalside Mace convenience store is set to open soon.