ROVERS gained another three points in their battle for automatic promotion, comfortably beating Southport at the Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

Another 8,000-plus crowd was in upbeat, positive mood as the game got underway, as the team have been in excellent form recently.

However our spirits fell a little flat as news emerged that league leaders Barnet had taken the lead against Halifax in just the second minute.

It was important to do our job whatever happened at Underhill and the players produced a polished, professional performance to easily beat our visitors.

Harrison continued his fine recent form by putting us in front in the 11th minute with a cool finish, and the result was not in doubt from that moment.

Taylor scored the second in the 50th minute and the only criticism was that we did not score more goals to finish off the opposition.

The back four and Puddy in goal were largely untroubled throughout the contest, while Mansell and Lines were in total command of the midfield.

Monkhouse provided impressive support from the left wing but Dawson’s form remains patchy after the promising start to his loan spell at Rovers.

Up front Harrison and Taylor were a constant menace to the Southport defence, and with Easter to come back into the side after injury and Blissett waiting in the wings, we are well off for attacking options.

It was a comfortable victory, tempered only by news that Barnet had strolled to a 3-0 win themselves to remain a point ahead of the Pirates at the top of the Conference table.

With two games left to play, we are desperate for the Bees to slip up at Kidderminster on Saturday or in their final game at home to Gateshead.

At the same time, we need to continue to apply the pressure by doing our jobs and securing three points in every fixture.

Rovers travel to Dover on Saturday, where they will be roared on by another 2,000-strong travelling army.

Nothing less than a win will be enough in the hope of overtaking Barnet and avoiding the lottery of the play-offs.

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