HISTORY was made at Ashton Gate on Saturday as City drew with Coventry City 0-0 to win their first league title in sixty years.

The game itself was a fairly uninspiring encounter with City knowing that just one more point would be enough to clinch the title after Preston stuttered to a 2-2 draw at Port Vale on the Friday night.

The whole crowd was in a celebratory mood throughout the day and you could tell a special day was in store from the buzz in the pubs and bars around the ground before the game.

It has been a truly remarkable season for City supporters, the first time in our history that two pieces of silverware have been won in a single season.

But perhaps even more impressive has been the way in which we’ve done it. Cotterill has got this small, tight-knit squad of players playing attacking football that has yielded thus far a goal difference of plus-fifty.

We also have one of the best disciplinary records in the league – a good example of this is our big, physical centre-back Aden Flint who has only been booked once all season!

The squad is also generally a very young one with only Wilbraham a regular who is aged over thirty years old.

There is potential in several of the youngsters to only get better with more experience, specifically Bryan, Williams and Freeman.

I am sure that Cotterill will keep the nucleus of this team together for next season and on team spirit alone we should be fine in a tough Championship league.

He will surely look to invest in our front line and it would be no surprise to see Matt Smith back at the club after his fantastic loan spell here earlier in the season.

City head to Chesterfield this Saturday for our final away game of the season (3pm). Whilst the game in theory means nothing to us I hope City remain professional and put on a display worthy of the League One champions.

Chesterfield will certainly be up for it as they still require a win to secure a play off place.

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