CITY put in a performance worthy of the League One champions on Saturday as they dominated the game against play-off chasing Chesterfield.

With the title in the bag and technically nothing to play for, it would have been easy for our players to switch off. The Spireites, meanwhile, needed a result or for other results to go their way to secure sixth place and make the play-offs.

But City looked up for the job after surviving some early pressure from the home side in which Chesterfield got in behind our defence a little too easily for comfort.

Fielding was called upon to make one or two early saves and then City imposed themselves on the home team.

City’s first goal was scored on 31 minutes as we caught Chesterfield over-playing at the back.

Bryan won the ball and it fell to Agard who broke free, beat his man, and then finished smartly from close-range. It was the former Rotherham striker’s 12th goal of the season.

Immediately after the goal, Chesterfield had a great chance to equalise but O’Shea’s header was saved well by Fielding.

City continued in the ascendency in the second-half and just before the hour mark, the home crowd were silenced further as Flint rose highest at a Pack corner to make it 2-0 to City.

The result completes a brilliant season on the road for City having won 13, drawn seven and lost only three of our away games.

For one-and-a-half of those lost away games, we played with ten men. An extraordinary achievement.

The season finale is at Ashton Gate this Sunday as City await the presentation of the League One trophy after the game with Walsall, which kicks-off at 12.15pm.

It will be a historic occasion for the club, and sell-out crowd in attendance, as captain Wade Elliott lifts our first Championship trophy in sixty years.

The celebrations will continue into Bank Holiday Monday as City parade both the league-winning trophy and the JP Trophy, which we won at Wembley in March, on an open-top bus tour around the city centre. The celebration tour starts at Ashton Gate at 12.30pm before finishing at the Lloyds Amphitheatre at 2pm.

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