A petition to knock down Tricorn House has gained almost 2,000 signatures after 15-year-old North Vernon-White died falling from the roof of the building on Friday.

Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie has joined calls to demolish or redevelop the Millville Limited site, which has been derelict for more than 20 years despite Stroud District Council granting planning permission for several proposals.

In 2009, the Government rejected a compulsory purchase order submitted by Stroud District Council which would have let them acquire Tricorn House from Millville Ltd and sell the space to Ecotricity.

Ms Baillie said: “I know the wider community wants to see action. I have received emails all weekend about the building from local people and there is a petition to knock it down.

“I have long called for Tricorn House to be developed without more delay. Whether that is demolition or a transformational redevelopment, I don’t mind but let’s see some progress.

“I’ve said before that I think the community should be involved given that people have been waiting over 20 years to see the site improved.

“The devastating loss of life there on Friday will make this even more pressing.”

Dozens of flowers, candles and messages have been left outside Tricorn House and just as many comments have been left on the petition.

“I'm signing this because a tragedy could have been prevented and in memory of a young boy and with love to his family,” read a post by one signatory.

“My daughter lost a friend but more importantly a mother and father lost their son, RIP North,” read another.

One comment read: “A child has died needlessly. I am sick of this monstrosity blighting our landscape. It needs sorting.”

On Monday, Millville Ltd agreed to Stroud District Council’s request to block all access points to Tricorn House.