DAVID John and Marianne Hellwig John have just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary, brought up six children and have both been working in their own fields, David as a sculptor and Marianne a painter, for nearly 70 years.

But it is only now that for the first time, they have finally worked together on a joint project.

David specialises in work for churches, including beautiful altars, statues and panels. In March 2016, when he was asked to make a panel for a church in Wanstead, East London and they wanted it colourful, he knew just the person he wanted to to work with.

Marianne painted his carving with the characteristic bright colours she uses in her abstract paintings and it was so successful they were commissioned to make 14 more.

These panels form the Stations of the Cross, showing the account of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth through carved pictures and writing from the scriptures highlighted in gold.

David and Marianne set up home in Stroud in 1988, moving to King's Stanley in 2007. David designed a workshop and studio for each of them at the bottom of the garden, a delightfully bright and comfortable area where they still work most days and welcome visitors, especially during the Site Festival.

The studio is buzzing at the moment with the completed panels filling every wall and they have decided to give family, friends and the local community a chance to see them all together before they leave for their new home in Wanstead.

  • They are exhibiting the Stations of the Cross on Sunday, September 3 at Belvedere, The Green, King's Stanley, GL10 3JB between 2pm and 5pm. All are welcome.