THE CIRCUS is one of those events that has a timeless appeal with families, and the spectacular array of high-flying acts and family-friendly comedy of the Moscow State Circus’ visit to Bristol is not one to miss.

The travelling show, one of the most famous in the world has just started a 12-day-long run on Durden Downs in Bristol with their latest production “Gostinitsa”.

Having been been put together over the past two years, the show centres on a “hotel of strange”, a loose theme they come back to throughout, just before you get lost in some mesmerizing performances.

With a cast of incredible performers performing death defying feats, suspended from the roof of the big top, balancing on a tight rope or even flying unsupported through the air, the acts that progressively up the ante throughout the show, and through this it is not hard to see why the Russians have such a love for gymnastics if they can produce something like this.

The extravaganza culminates in an amazing tightrope walking number, with acrobats jumping from head to head of those balancing on the beams, and the Didyk Troupe’s awe-inspiring acrobatics on a pair of Russian swings.

Other performances of note are a fun unicycle demonstration from the Gorodetskiys Duo, sensational trapeze artistes the Peruskins Duo and Anna Rastsova, who incorporates hula hoops into a wonderful display of skill – and most definitely bravery.

The use of music and lighting also keeps the momentum building, with the spotlight silhouettes on the big top painting almost as hypnotic as the performances themselves.

However, stealing the show on centre stage throughout, are the show’s clowns, the Chervotkins Duo, the hotel’s bellhop and maid, who take the audience on a hilarious journey from act to act.

Their ability to engage the crowd, young and old, and get a laugh is truly remarkable and a fantastic update on the traditional circus clown, with a great mix of silent and vocal comedy.

But beware, while this is often a fun interlude, this is not for the feint hearted as members of the audience could be selected at any moment to take part in the show. You have been warned.

Their distraction also giving the rest of the circus crew a chance to change equipment between acts – something done with incredible efficiency – and you will suddenly notice the ring is filled with another bizarre collection of equipment.

Overall, the Moscow State Circus’ Gostinitsa is a masterclass in fun family entertainment, with performers giving everything to their audience, and if you have a free evening with the family in the next week or so –you’ll have to see it to believe it!

The Moscow State Circus’ Gostinitsa is running on Durdham Downs, Bristol from Wednesday, October 4 to Sunday, October 15, exclusing Tuesday, October 10.

Showtimes are 5pm and 7.45pm on weekdays, 3pm and 6pm on Saturday, October 7, and 2pm and 5pm on Sundays and Saturday, October 14.

Tickets can be bought through Big Top Box Office on 020 3375 3970 or through Ticketmaster by calling 0844 856 5555 or visiting