VETERAN NHS campaigner Harry Leslie Smith has rearranged his trip to Stroud for Thursday, November 2.

The inspirational 94-year-old Second World War veteran will read passages from his new book at Stroud Old Town Hall from 7.15pm.

He said: “I am not an academic or a historian. I am just an old man who is a living bridge to your history. Today’s austerity, politics of hate and class divisions can only be defeated when the young once again own the history of their grandparents or great-grandparents’ generation.

“My life is at eventide, and the curtain of night is closing in upon my time on this earth. I am almost one hundred years old. I know death is waiting for me but there are still some things that I must do before my life’s journey is complete.

“I must set before younger generations the story of my early life. I must let them know about my struggles and that of my generation to build a more equal country for all and how that relates to today’s politics. I must remind them to be vigilant against demagogues because the ugly spectre of fascism has started to stir again across the globe.”

Harry has written five books and writes regularly for The Guardian, commenting on politics, the welfare state and 20th Century politics.

He has become a Twitter sensation, with more than 122,000 followers enjoying his compassionate take on current affairs and his robust arguments with online trolls.

In 2015 he supported Jeremy Corbyn in his leadership bid, tweeting: “I back #JeremyCorbyn b/c I want my grandchildren's generation to have a fighting chance for a decent and meaningful life free of austerity".

The Stroud event, which is a fundraiser for Stroud Constituency Labour Party, will see two actors reading from Don’t Let My Past Be Your Future before Harry gives a talk about his life. Afterwards, he will be signing copies of his new book.

  • Tickets are available online at or by ringing 07810 641 459.