Corrie fans will now be able to send letters and postcards from the famous cobbles, as Weatherfield launches its first ever daily Royal Mail collection for the public.

Items sent from the postbox, which served as a fictional prop on the ITV soap for over 50 years and remains on the show’s former filming site as part of the Coronation Street set visit tour, will be stamped with the official limited edition Weatherfield watermark.

The Weatherfield postmark (Coronation Street The Tour/PA)The Weatherfield postmark (Coronation Street The Tour/PA)

A range of postcards with the official watermark are available on sale for the tour’s final six-month run.

Jean Blackmore, who visited the attraction on a day trip from Morecambe, said: “Being able to send post from Coronation Street brings the whole experience to life. The tour has been amazing and now we’ve just been able to top it all off with a postcard right here from Weatherfield to the grandchildren.”

Another visitor to the tour, Barry Lowe, said: “There’s something so special about this Street – I’d like to think the postcards we’ve just sent out to family will become a precious keepsake, especially with the Weatherfield stamp on it.”

Barry also confessed: “I have even sent one to myself – you never know, it might be worth something in a few years!”

Coronation Street The Tour, based on the former Quay Street set, will close on December 31.

Tickets for the attraction are available from the website.