Jonny Mitchell will be seen celebrating avoiding eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house on Saturday night’s show.

The former Love Island star claimed his fellow housemates were happy to see him stay after India Willoughby became the first celebrity to leave the show this weekend.

Speaking in the diary room, Mitchell said hearing fans chant his name had brought a tear to his eye during Friday night’s live show.

In preview clips of the episode, he said: “If I’m totally honest… I don’t wanna sound harsh but I think the house is happier to have me here rather than India.”

He described the live eviction as “intense”, adding: “It was just like instantly emotional.

“I’d already got a bit crackly just from hearing people shout Jonny and hearing people cheer.

“I dunno when the last time I spurted a tear was but I didn’t think it would be on live TV that’s for sure.”

The reality TV personality said he was happy to stay as he has “more to prove” and feared being the first person voted off.

He added: “I don’t wanna get kicked off at all, I wanna win it.

“The thought of me being the first person off was totally detrimental to me being here in the first place, I might as well not even have come here.”

Saturday night’s show will also see Wayne Sleep treated to a bath by Amanda Barrie while the men and women will go head-to-head to work out who are better at communicating.

:: CBB airs on Channel 5 at 10.30pm.