AMBITIOUS, edgy and requiring plenty of guts, the Theatre Royal Bath’s annual summer production certainly did not disappoint.

Working with over 60 aspiring actors, some as young as 12, from across Bath, Bristol Gloucestershire and even London, the Storm on the Lawn production of Robin Hood proved to be bold, brilliantly acted and superbly well thought out for an outdoor theatre show.

Performed in the stunning grounds of Prior Park College, this young cast and a group of 14 budding stage managers, met, auditioned and rehearsed the show in the space of just three weeks.

Despite all undoubtedly knowing the classic tale of Robin Hood who stole from the rich to give to the poor, the company were given a real treat in the form of a completely new and reworked adaption of this production written and composed by Paul Dodgson.

A modern move away from the Hollywood Prince of Thieves version of this ancient tale, Storm on the Lawn’s take was more in line with the recent Hunger Games films with bloody scenes, a public hanging and a female Sheriff of Nottingham (Emily Malloy) dressed in glamorous and absurd splendour.

Daniel Hayman was indeed brave as leader of the forest, playing Robin as honest and true but equally self-doubting and wracked with nerves when it comes to his love interest Marian, played by Charlie Roker.

Nick Harris stood out as the impenetrable Guy of Gisbourne, playing the Sheriff’s henchman with enviable coolness, calmness and collectiveness for a 15-year-old.

Martha Bennett is the epitome of innocence as Marian’s brave young sister Much whose overwhelming sense of injustice whips her fellow foresters into action.

This production may be performed by children but its themes belie their young age as Robin is killed in action, doo-gooders are strung up for the noose and the rich and powerful take what they want from who they want whenever they please.

A fascinating insight into the realities of life in those dark ages, as well as the thrills today’s teenagers expect from a show, Robin Hood was a credit to the hard work of the young team and its director Heidi Vaughan.

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