ARCADIA at the Theatre Royal in Bath is a triumph and a must-see for all keen theatre-goers.

Tom Stoppard’s comedic masterpiece is touring at the theatre for the first time in 20 years, managing to both amuse and move audiences in the course of one evening.

This production of the play was brought the theatre by English Touring Theatre and Theatre Royal Brighton Productions.

Drifting seamlessly between past and present, the play presents a story showing the difficulty of declaring just about anything ‘historical fact’.

An academic explores a period of time with the assistance of a writer, and uncovers about as much truth as he does fiction in the process.

In the course of exploring its main theme it ventures into the territories of thermodynamics, computer algorithms, fractals, population dynamics, chaos theory, determinism and more.

It achieves a beauty in its display of maths, dancing delicately across complex theories and showcasing the brilliant philosophy that is inherent with ease.

The play is delightfully funny, with witty unforced one liners bouncing back and forth between the characters, never interfering with the play’s deeper themes. First premiered at the National Theatre in 1993, the play, in more than 20 years, has not lost a speck of its relevance or ability to touch its viewer.

The cast, including Dakota Blue Richards, Robert Cavanagh, Ed MacArthur and David Mara, handle the place fluid dynamic well and portray the characters with, above all else, the reality required to prevent them becoming caricatures.

It is, all in all, a staggeringly well produced and performed play, and whole-heartedly recommended – just ensure you’re ready to challenge your mind against the perplexing ideas and theories this play will fling your way.

Arcadia can be seen at the Theatre Royal Bath until Saturday 14th February. Tickets are available from the Theatre Royal Bath Box Office on 01225 448844 or online at