TETBURY Goods Shed Arts Centre is hosting its first night of stand-up comedy on Saturday, September 2.

There’s a strong Tetbury theme for the first night. MC for the evening, Matt Roseblade, was brought up in Tetbury.

The opening act, Gavin Pond, lives in Avening and the headliner act, Nick Page, lived in Tetbury for several years.

Matt started doing stand-up comedy as a mid-life crisis activity and has gigged all over the country and Europe. This will be his first performance in Tetbury and he describes it as being, “like that dream when you’re back at school, only stark naked”.

Fortunately for us all, he will not be naked during the performance. Somewhat exposed, but not naked.

Gavin Pond is a musician, comedian and an internationally-recognised expert in building medieval musical instruments. Gavin was one of the first musicians to perform at The Goods Shed and it is fitting that he will also be the first comedian to perform.

In his spare time, Gavin builds longbows and dreams of bringing the Hunger Games to Tetbury.

Nick Page is a professional comedian, troop entertainer and sacked TV star, who in a former life was a salesman at a car showroom in Tetbury.

Nick has been decorated for his work entertaining troops in combat zones (Operational Service Medal for his work in Afghanistan) and was placed second in the 2016 English Comedian of the Year competition.

Nick has a huge repertoire of unlikely-but-true stories that have entertained and alarmed audiences all over the world.

The Tetbury acts are supported by 63-year old Richard Jay - the master of growing old disgracefully and Stacia Buckle, who will be coming to Tetbury straight after her run of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

  • 7.30-9.30pm.
  • Tickets are £10 from the Good Shed website (shed-arts.co.uk) and the Tetbury tourist office.