NEW comedy, Wolves Are Coming For You, is touring this autumn, arriving at The Everyman's Studio Theatre in Cheltenham on October 4.

Someone has seen a wolf. Where did they come from? Someone must be able to do something about them? Otherwise, how will our children get to and from school?

And how will we all get to line dancing or choir practice in the village hall?

This new comedy from Olivier-nominated playwright Joel Horwood explores just how much wild we’re comfortable with.

Two actors perform multiple roles as they summon into being one extraordinary day in an average British village.

The audience plays the role of detective as they try to work out who released these animals – and, more importantly, why?

Does embracing the wild mean rejecting civilization? If a species is re-introduced, can we ever go back? What do we really fear about the wild? We all love Springwatch, but how wild do we really dare to be?

The acclaimed Pentabus Theatre Company has teamed up with the Everyman Theatre to present this unique and fascinating new comedy drama.

Paul Milton, the Everyman’s creative director said: “We’re very excited about co-producing a show with Pentabus. So much theatre nowadays is created for urban audiences, but what Pentabus does is present quality plays for communities and audiences who live rurally. That’s great for Gloucestershire, which has such a long history of farming and agriculture.”

  •  Wolves Are Coming For You is at the Everyman Studio Theatre on Wednesday, October 4-Saturday, October 7. 7.45pm. Visit for more.