Lying some 11 miles west of Stroud, with lovely views across the Lydney Sands to the Forest of Dean, Sharpness is believed to be the biggest inland port in the country.

The port is principally commercial and attracts a substantial throughput of trade largely from northern Europe and includes aggregates and timber.

Whilst perhaps not the most picturesque place in the country this historic dock has a picnic area overlooking the Severn River from which there are several interesting walks across the river towards Berkeley Power Station.

Although Sharpness is of historical importance, it's use as a port is compromised by the dramatic Severn tides which means that it is only accessible to most craft at high tide. It is important to stress that Sharpness is very much an inland port and the community is largely based around Newtown, a short distance away.

While there is a Post Office actually down at the docks, Newtown offers a number of retail facilities including a Co-op store, a butcher and convenience store and a Post Office. In addition there is a garage and Primary School and a playgroup. The senior school for the area is located a short distance away in Berkeley Vale.

There is also a small marina at Sharpness and a route for cruises on the Sharpness to Gloucester Canal. This whole area has been set aside for employment uses on the Stroud District Plan and future development may take advantage of the closeness of the area to the M4/M5 interchange which is only a few miles away.

Sharpness and Newtown enjoy close proximity to a number of popular tourist attractions including the Wild Fowl and Wetland Trust at Slimbridge, Berkeley Castle and to the nearby cities of Bristol, Bath and Gloucester.