MEMBERS of Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS) were out on the busy streets of Gloucester on Monday, March 11, raising awareness of the animal's plight.

Seven members of the campaign group handed out leaflets and spoke to the public about the planned shooting of badgers, due to start in the county on June 1.

The protesters have produced their own leaflet, which reminds people of the cull’s imminent start, and how they might peacefully express their concerns if they are against it.

Last summer, national and local polls showed the majority of the public were against the cull.

A GABS spokesman said there was a lot of interest in their leaflets.

"Those that spoke to us already knew the facts against this cull as a method of reducing the spread of Bovine TB. We plan to continue our campaign up until, and during, the planned shooting," he said.

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting are organising a peaceful walk against the cull on Easter Monday evening at Highnam Woods, Gloucestershire.

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