THE BUS service between Thornbury and Dursley is to be axed by First next month.

The number 311, which departs from Thornbury health centre and travels through Falfield, Charfield and Wotton-under-Edge before terminating at Dursley Bus Station, has been deemed commercially unviable by the bus company.

This service runs eight times a day and is the only one linking the town to the Stroud District area.

The news came as a surprise to Thornbury town councillors who had not been forewarned of the impeding cancellation of the 311 by First Bus.

In its bus consultation launched last month, South Gloucestershire Council makes no mention of the Thornbury to Dursley route.

Cllr Maggie Tyrrell said that such an important decision as axing a bus route should have been discussed with commuters.

"The bus companies seem to make decisions without any real effort to find out what people really think. It seems that if people aren’t using the bus rather than promote the route they cancel it."

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said the decision to cut the line was beyond the local authority’s control but that it would attempt to replace the service.

"The decision regarding the Thornbury to Dursley bus service 311 is a commercial decision that has been made by bus company First. South Gloucestershire Council is currently investigating the situation as are Gloucestershire County Council, as Dursley falls in their area."

He added: "Gloucestershire County Council are looking to put in place a replacement service for the 311 until the end of August.

"We will be seeking quotes for a longer term service to commence in September but whether we can proceed will be dependent on the quotes received and budget availability."

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