HOMEOWNERS in Slimbridge and Cambridge are furious that they will not see any relief from sewage flooding problems that have plagued them for decades until October 2015.

When there is heavy rainfall, residents experience overflowing toilets and sewage pouring out of manholes in their gardens and in the roads.

Human faeces, condoms, nappies and other unpleasant items have been found along Ryles lane in Cambridge and St John’s Road in Slimbridge and foul water is splashed against homes by passing vehicles.

After an initial meeting with Severn Trent Water (STW), who oversees the sewage network, in January, the private company have investigated the issue.

Reporting back to around 50 parishioners at Slimbridge Village Hall on Monday July 22, network county sewage manager for STW, Craig Bayliss, explained the results had justified investing £20,000 into a new computer model to monitor the area's sewage system and identify the problems.

Mr Bayliss said the information from the model, due to be completed in October, would allow a business case to be put for future infrastructure investment, which could potentially start in October 2015.

"The model will help us build that case for future investment. Data drives our strategy," he said.

"I fully appreciate it is not as quick as you would like it and I can only apologise for that but there’s nothing we can do to make it faster."

Retired building consultant Anthony Cope from Ryles Lane was incredulous about the cost and apparent need for the model, calling the situation "scandalous".

"It’s obvious that the main five-inch pipe to the pumping station is totally inadequate. You don’t need £20,000 to prove that. It’s total nonsense," he said.

"Mr Bayliss is talking about a computer proving that the five-inch pipe isn’t big enough. We all know that and he should do too."

Denis Bannister, from Churchend in Slimbridge, said his garden flooded when the adjacent ditches overflowed.

"I am very concerned now that we are approaching August and we haven’t done anything to clear the ditches from the back of my garden," he said.

"I can get a JCB and dig up the ditches but I have not got any idea what that will do to the surrounding area. I am disappointed that so little has been done."

At the meeting Gloucestershire County Cllr Anthony Blackburn (Con, Hardwicke and Severn) said: "It is Severn Trent’s fault, Severn Trent should sort it out.

"You (the residents) are paying for these services that you are not getting."

STW agreed to come back for a public meeting to discuss the results of the model, estimated to be ready in December this year.